Facebook Workshops


What will I learn?

This class covers high level practices in an easy to understand way on Facebook's advertising platform. You'll come away from this class with...

  • Advanced knowledge about Facebook's audience building tools

  • Best practices for Facebook advertising and organic content

  • A properly set up Facebook Business Manager

  • The best way to leverage existing website visitors and email subscribers

  • Hands on experience building an ad using these new tools

Who is this class for?

This is a hands-on class for DIY business owners, realtors, small business employees and more. We will actually work with you during the class to create your audiences, set up website tracking code and build an ad from start to finish in this class using professional level tools and best practices taught by a Facebook Blueprint Certified Professional.

Who is the teacher?

Meet Clayton. He's nice (bald, but nice!) He's the co-owner of Big Rush Marketing and is one of the few Facebook Blueprint Certified advertisers that works with small business owners. He began using social media professionally while working as a television anchor/reporter in California in 2012. Today, Clayton is the one building and managing all of Facebook advertising for our partners. As a small business owner himself, Clayton crafted this class so that instead of turning away business owners that couldn't afford an agency, he could provide a service that would walk DIY marketers through an easy to understand process for using Facebook's platform effectively on a budget.

Clayton is also a certified professional tennis instructor and loves teaching people and sharing knowledge. He hopes you will find this course engaging, informative, entertaining and most importantly, profitable for your business.

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Ready to Enroll?

Upcoming Workshop Dates: Monday, October 28 from 1-4PM

Location: Big Rush Office / 112 W Jefferson Avenue Suite 115 St. Louis, MO 63122 (Downtown Kirkwood)

Cost: $50 per person

If you want to get email updates on when we will add new workshops to our schedule, please fill out the form below or email us at contact@bigrushmarketing.com.

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*Each workshop runs from 1-4pm is limited to 8 people so we are able to provide more personalized content and support.

What to bring to get the most out of this class:

  • Your computer. This is a workshop so come prepared to work on your business alongside other small businesses with the help of your instructor

  • Login information for your website to install Facebook tracking code (we will help)

  • Credit Card (Not for us! For your Facebook advertising account if you have not set one up yet!)

  • Instagram login information if applicable

If you have any other questions about the class don't hesitate to Contact Us!

Facebook provides small businesses with an amazing marketing platform, yet most barely scratch the surface of its capabilities! We want to help you tap into this unlocked potential and make Facebook work for you! 

If you are part of a small business that's looking to use Facebook but don't have the budget to hire a marketing agency, we're here to help. Our half-day class will teach you some simple ways to use expert level tools to market and advertise your business on Facebook. If you have ever hit the "Boost Post" button on Facebook and wondered if there was a better way to spend your money, this course is for you. 

Advertising costs on Facebook are very reasonable compared to traditional forms of advertising but the costs of advertising plus the management fees for an agency can be difficult for a small business to afford. We want to help you keep more money in your business or put more money in your advertising while getting the results you want. There are dozens of different ways to advertise on Facebook but only a few ways to do it right. In this class, you will work with an instructor who passed Facebook's exams that test an advertiser's ability to create the best possible ad for any business or scenario. We are excited to share that knowledge along to you.

This class was informative and captivating! For a Facebook “newbie,” I didn’t feel overwhelmed. Rather, I felt motivated to take the tools I have learned to engage with the community.
— Sarah, Non-profit program coordinator
Big Rush Marketing made it so easy for our team to put together a digital plan to compete in the modern world.
— Mike, Data Director for state political party
Awesome class! I learned a ton from Clayton and his team! Even his corny jokes are fun!!
— Paige, Wedding Planner