Digital Essentials

Digital Essentials

350.00 every month

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The Digital Essentials package is designed to make sure your store is excelling on the two largest platforms in the digital advertising space: Google and Facebook as well as Instagram which is a part of the Facebook Advertising Platform. Your ads will be created and managed by one of the few agencies in the nation to have both Google Partner and Facebook Blueprint Certification. In addition, we’ve been working with resale clothing brands since 2014 and are currently working with almost 40 stores around the country. Take a look at more information about what your plan will include below!


Digital Essentials Plan Components:

Google Search Advertising

When people have a specific need, the first thing they do is go to Google and type in what they’re looking for. With the Google Search Advertising component of our digital essentials plan, we’ll ensure that your store is coming up as a top result when people are searching for terms relevant to your business. Whether it’s “Sell my baby stuff”, “Discount designer handbags” or even some of the top brands that your customers are looking to purchase. We’ll also make sure that your competitors aren’t winning on local searches for your brand, and that when people search for your store’s name, you’re the first thing to come up!

You’ll be provided with a regular report of how much money was spent on your advertising, how many people it reached and how many clicks went to your website. But more importantly we’ll be able to provide metrics about phone calls made to your store and even store visits!

Facebook & Instagram Advertising

While Google Search Advertising is key for customers & potential customers who are already looking for your services, Facebook & Instagram Advertising (We’ll just refer to it as Facebook Advertising from here on out, because Instagram is owned by Facebook and uses the same advertising platform) fills a ton of other needs in the customer acquisition & customer retention process.

Facebook is the website/app where people spend far and away the most amount of time when using their phone or computer. This means it’s the best place to get in front of your key audience with targeted seasonal messaging. Using a combination of demographic targeting and remarketing (examples of remarketing include targeting people who have been to your website, people who are on your email list or a part of your rewards program, or people who have already interacted with content on your Facebook page) we can raise awareness of your store, drive website traffic and help drive customer count.


Every month you’ll be emailed a report about how your money is being spent and how your ads are performing. Your advertising spend will be billed directly to your credit card by the advertising platforms (Facebook and Google) separately from our management fee so that it’s always clear what you’re spending on advertising.

Continuing Education

Because the Digital Essentials plan doesn’t include promotion-specific advertising, we want to make sure that you’re empowered to utilize all of the tools that Facebook offers when making ads for specific events. We’ll provide a pre-recorded webinar about some best practices that will help you get the best results for the ads you make yourself. In addition we’ll be available for regular conference calls for people to ask questions about their ads. We’ll also be available via email for basic questions.

Plan Requirements

The Digital Essentials Plan works best for stores that have an $850 - $1,750 monthly budget to spend on digital advertising. That budget includes the $350/month management fee, leaving $500-$1,400 going to directly to advertising.