Hi Pointe Drive In

Our first official Grand Opening taste test of 2017 was Hi Pointe Drive In. This fast casual burger joint is owned by BBQ master Mike Johnson who also owns Sugar Fire Barbecue. There was quite a bit of hype surrounding this place. Once again, my wife Courtney tagged along with Jon and I. 

We planned to get there right at 11am thinking that is when they would open. At 10:30am we noticed on Facebook that people were already eating there. We later discovered the hours are 10am-10pm. We still beat the crowd getting there a little before 11am. 

It is hard to really wow someone with a burger these days but...WOW! All three of us were blown away. They have quite a few fun things on the menu but we all thought ordering a burger was the right thing to do for the Grand Opening. The burger was incredible. The bun was great. The barbecue seasoning on the fries made me forget that I also ordered their homemade chips. By 11:30am the line was heading out the door on a day with ice and snow on the roads.

The service was speedy and the staff was great. They have the soda fountain right when you walk in the door as part of the line to order. So if you have a little wait, you can sip some delicious Excel sodas. Getting refills usually requires nudging through a few people. Their shake menu is wild. They partner with other great local restaurants for special items like their taco burger with Mission Taco and a gooey butter shake with Strange Donuts

All three of us went back multiple times within a month and still dream about a Hi Pointe burger on a daily basis. We are obsessed. Courtney and I have tried the Salmon sandwich and it's another winner. We did notice that recently the fries seem to have a little less of the barbecue seasoning than they did on the Grand Opening. We asked a guy who looked like a manager and he said you can request more seasoning when you order. I'm guessing people started asking for less seasoning so they scaled it back to appeal the masses. We all recommend asking for extra seasoning when you order fries. They also have specials everyday that get pretty crazy. We don't necessarily agree with the philosophy on a lot of their burger specials. We have seen a lot of things wrapped in bacon and topped with Imo's Pizza. I do enjoy Imo's but their burgers are sooooo good that I feel like they are messing with a good thing a little too much. If it ain't broke, don't fix it. I'm hoping they scale down the cholesterol wow factor on their specials and focus more on quality. 

This place is incredible for a great burger. My mouth has been watering the entire time writing this. Jon doesn't seemed phased based on his frequent visits. One time Courtney and I went to Hi Pointe after church and Jon came strolling in. I guess we should note that we do not do any work for this business or any of the businesses we have featured. We just love food.

Clayton Clark