Courtney's Take on Sardella

I am really feeling the fresh approach to Niche Food Group’s newest venture, Sardella, from the food to the décor. I was so captivated by the space that I even snapped some photos of the vibrant blue tiles and wall of sardine tins. The food, now the food, it’s delicious and different. Or what they call “rethinking breakfast, lunch, and dinner”. If you go for breakfast, do not go seeking traditional options. I had the bowl which according to their menu is root vegetables, quinoa, barley, kale, swiss chard, fried egg ($10). The version I tried on opening day definitely had kimchi in the mix so I’m not sure if that was a typo online. If kimchi is still part of this bowl, I would definitely add avocado for an additional $2 to complement the spiciness. (As you may know- since kimchi is fermented, it has good bacteria and numerous other health benefits – happy gut, anyone?). Portion-wise, the bowl was perfect for me especially since I also had a sweet treat and coffee.

My husband Clayton didn’t recall exactly what he ordered, it was a ‘burrito-thing’, but I stalk everyone’s food experiences and remembered that he ordered the Slow Roasted Porchetta (pork) wrapped in Piadina (Italian tortilla). But, alas, it is not on the current menu! Further investigation, to understand if Sardella’s menu will be rotating and if so, how often… Anyway, as Clayton mentioned earlier, he said this wrap was delectable. I would’ve needed something to cut the richness like one of their light sounding fresh juices to accompany. Clayton and Jon also tried the Mini Rice Griddlers which are filled with bacon, egg, queso fresco, cheddar, chive, salsa – wrapped in that same Piadina and pressed to look like a flat taco. Clayton and I ended on a sweet note with the cinnamon roll and blueberry muffin – both very solid choices, but I am intrigued to try something different like their Matcha Tea Rice Krispies! It should also be noted that they serve Sump Coffee which doesn’t disappoint.

I’ll be back, hopefully to try lunch or dinner. Though for lunch I am more drawn to the fast-cast approach versus the full-service which they just moved to. Side note: I am not creepily obsessed with Gerard Craft, owner and head chef of Niche Food Group; I just think he is a nice guy! Though, I do admit to awkwardly introducing myself to him at the grand opening of Porano. I follow him on IG and like that he posts often of his family and is a cycling enthusiast. Anyone who loves food and especially their family is A-Okay in my book.

Courtney Clark