Blue Duck Maplewood

We kind of missed this one. Blue Duck Maplewood was on our radar but they opened on Valentine's Day so we missed the Grand Opening. We went for lunch a week later. There is a Blue Duck location already in Washington, MO but we felt his counted as a new place to try. Don't judge.

Jon ordered the Blue Cheese Burger and I went with the special for the day. It was a short rib pastrami sandwich on green chile cheese brioche with root vegetable slaw, sweet BBQ sauce, avocado, and Swiss cheese. Jon and I both were thinking about it but I got to order first so he had to find something else. 

The special was incredible. Their short rib pastrami was so flavorful and they piled it on. Jon was very excited eating his burger. It was topped with fried pickled red onions and sautéed mushrooms that were given high praise by Jon. Both of us got really quiet once the food came. If you know Jon and I, being quiet is not the norm. You get a side with your order and I went with Billy Goat chips. Their a slam dunk all day. Jon went with the mac n cheese. 

Maplewood has a good number of tasty places and this is another winner. It's a sit down restaurant for lunch and dinner. Our waiter was great. Another amazing experience trying new restaurants in St. Louis and it's still early in 2017.

Clayton Clark