Does the internet need another marketing blog? No, it probably doesn't. There are already a lot of really great people writing a lot of great things about marketing. Chances are with a little bit of Googling, you can find the answer to the question you're looking for.

So... what is this, you might be asking? The Tide is our new blog. When we talk about marketing, we'll try to stick to items we think are really interesting, or new features that we see rolling out on Facebook that aren't getting a lot of coverage.

The rest of the time, we'll be writing about things that interest us. So think about this as a better way to get to know the Big Rush team. One shared interest that Clayton and I have is checking out new restaurants. One of our stated goals of 2017 was to check out as many restaurant openings as possible. We started the year off with a bang on January 5, dining at the incredible Hi-Pointe Drive In. And people seem to like this content on our Facebook page, so we figured why not write about it?

So, is this a food blog on a marketing website? Kind of, I guess. Hope you enjoy reading!

- Jon


Jonathon Becker