Our first team outing to a restaurant opening was late in 2016 to Sardella. This restaurant is owned by the main man of food in St. Louis, Gerard Craft. His company, Niche Food Group, owns some of the best eateries in the area. The latest venture by Craft has a casual setting with unique flavors that mix old school Italian and new school St. Louis.

Jon, myself and my wife Courtney arrived early in the morning on the first day of breakfast being served at Sardella. Courtney is a huge Gerard Craft fan. Almost to a creepy level. He is a bald business owner so maybe that's her type. We tried to order a little variety of items off the menu. Courtney and I both ordered something savory and something sweet. It was a walk up to the counter and order situation. The morning was surprisingly quiet in the restaurant but they were not publicizing too much. There was still a little construction happening in the building but that didn't disrupt a great meal. I am writing this a few months after the meal so I can't remember exactly what I ordered but I remember struggling to pronounce it and struggling to put it down once I tasted it. In the above picture, mine is the burrito looking object that was nothing like a breakfast burrito. I had never heard of some of the ingredients and they were all amazing. Everything was incredibly flavorful.

The service, like at every Craft owned restaurant, was first class. The portions were smaller than you might expect but we all felt very satisfied when we finished. Sardella serves breakfast, lunch and dinner. I would bet it gets crowded for lunch on weekdays with the Clayton, MO business crowd. Knowing how the Niche Food Group works, you can trust that the ingredients are the best of the best. I always recommend branching out of your comfort zone a little at a Gerard Craft establishment. His team doesn't miss. 

It was this fun experience that sparked the idea that our company should do outings anytime a new restaurant opens in St. Louis. We love food and trying new things. 2017 is going to be a delicious year at Big Rush.

Clayton Clark