Humble Pie

It’s been awhile since the Big Rush crew went to check out a new place, but we’re back at at it today with Humble Pie. This is the new pizza joint from the mind of Mark Lucas, the dude who runs what I (Jon) would argue is the best sandwich shop in St. Louis: Fozzie’s Sandwich Emporium.

This place opened three days ago, and is hidden away in a strip mall in bustling but sterile downtown Ladue. Located literally in an alley between Smoothie King and Companion Bread, Humble Pie is easy to miss if you don’t know what you’re looking for. Fortunately when you find it, the food has a lot of personality.

humble pie

The customer-accessible area of the restaurant is maybe 30-40 square feet. There’s a counter to order your pizza and a cooler with assorted beverages… and that’s about it. On nice days, there is outside seating on the patio, either in front of Companion or around the corner (hang a few lefts when you exit the restaurant) to another patio area that looks like it’s the entrance to the restaurant but isn’t at all. Does this sound confusing? It’s a little confusing. Don’t plan on eating here though unless the weather is good enough for eating outside.

The menus, located below the ordering counter, are a single two-sided piece of paper. The front side features things that aren’t pizza and the back side features pizza. Both Clayton and I skipped the front side all together so we can’t tell you about that. We will both tell you about the different pizza options we went with below.

Clayton: BBQ Cauliflower on Thin Crust

As a huge fan off barbecue inspired pizzas, I had to try their house-made sauce. I’m also a thin crust kind of guy. Makes me believe that I am eating a little healthier. So I ordered the BBQ Cauliflower Pizza on thin crust.

Let’s start with the crust. It was like a light, flaky cracker. Crispy but not too crispy. I don’t like thin crusts that break in to crumbs when you bite it and they definitely perfected the texture of a very thin crust. Add on top of that some maple barbecue sauce and smoked mozzarella and you’ve got yourself a pretty tasty pie. The roasted cauliflower added a fun texture to the pizza and the peppers were great. Overall a big 👍.

They have a lot of signature pizzas that sound amazing so I want to go back and try a few more or make my own with more of that barbecue sauce. I should see if they sell that stuff.

As someone who worked at an Italian restaurant for a little while, I love giving props to great staff. Everyone we interacted with was a delight. We got a little lost more than once and the staff was wonderful. Mad props to the Humble Pie team!

humble pie bbq cauliflower pizza

Jon: Jambalaya Pie on Sicilian Crust

I went with the thicker Sicilian crust pizza, mainly because Clayton went the route of the thin crust. I also went with one of their signature pizzas: The Jambalaya pie. Spicy food of pretty much any variety is my go-to, and this seemed like an interesting and somewhat spicy option.

“Andouille sausage, roasted chicken, onions, peppers, celery with a creole red sauce & smoked mozzarella” the menu read. “What’s a Jambalaya without shrimp?” Is a question that both you and I are probably wondering, but after eating this pizza I found it full of flavor anyway.

The crust that they describe as “Sicilian” is probably more commonly referred to here in the USA as a pan pizza. This variation was kind of airy and bubbly like focaccia bread. It gets a nice crispy char around the edges of the pan. If you’ve ever had the pizza at Porano, it’s similar to that. I love this style of pizza.

Anyway, the pizza was tasty but definitely less spicy than I expected. The andouille was very flavorful but didn’t have the burn that some sausages in that style do. The chicken was delicious and not dry which can be a rare find on pizza. The creole vegetable mix of “the holy trinity” (onions, peppers and celery) was a good addition, with the celery providing a good amount more flavor and depth than I usually associate with the vegetable.

This pizza was really good, and I’d get it again but first I want to check out some other options on the menu: the thin crust pizza, and several spicier options all look like they might be calling my name. They also have a coconut-mango Sriracha sauce that I’m very curious about.

This place is not convenient for me, but the food is good and I hope to be back soon!

humble pie jambalaya pie
Jonathon Becker