The Taco & Ice Cream Joint

You can probably guess what kind of food they serve at The Taco & Ice Cream Joint. This new spot on Cherokee St. has amazing authentic Mexican tacos along with an enormous selection of desserts.

The space they are in is very large. If you count your steps on a fitness tracker, this place will help. Most of the walk from the entrance to the counter takes you past their amazing display of ice cream, popsicles and other tempting treats. The taco menu has several different meat choices with a salsa bar that allows you customize your taco to your liking.

On this trip was Jon, myself and our summer intern, Alex. We all did work on some tacos. They have other items on their food menu but we felt obligated to get tacos. Between the eight tacos that were ordered, we had some shrimp, chorizo, carnitas and something I can't remember or pronounce that was recommended by the gentleman at the counter. The one he recommended was my favorite. They were all good. I tried to experiment with a couple different salsas and was happy with everything I tried. This place has delicious authentic tacos plus the prices are reasonable. Dangerous and amazing combination.

Now to the ice cream side of the trip. We were all pretty stuffed but I talked everyone in to getting a popsicle. Jon got a mango popsicle with a hot spice on it. Alex got watermelon. I went with arroz con leche. Possibly the best life decision I've ever made. SAVE ROOM FOR ICE CREAM!

We all plan to visit again really soon. I saw they had some great looking corn and churros I didn't get to try. They also have a few thousand desserts I need save room for next time. If you like authentic tacos and delicious desserts, go here now.

Clayton Clark