Blues Fired Pizza

We're not sure why so many pizza places are opening and expanding in St. Louis but we could not be more excited about it. Blues Fired Pizza is a well known food truck in St. Louis but they recently opened a brick and mortar location in Kirkwood. They use a wood-fired oven built by the owners that cooks pizzas in 2-3 minutes at 800 degrees. You can get 8" personal pizzas, salads and drinks.

Their new location in Kirkwood looks like it may have been a drive thru coffee hut before and it is in the parking lot of St. Anthony's Urgent Care. They have a few tables and chairs in some nice shade along the building. There is plenty of parking and you walk up to the window to place your order.


Jon ordered a pizza with a good amount of meat on it. I went with my favorite pizza order, bbq chicken. I was the driver for this trip and Jon started eating his pizza in the car. I had to listen to him go on and on about how great the pizza tasted while I was stuck in the driver's seat. I almost pulled over. We finally got back to the office(after a random stop to pick up a pool table for the office) and I was able to dive in. Jon was right. It was fantastic. It was baked perfectly. The crust was great. The cheese and sauce were amazing. Not to mention you can get in and out really fast with the way the oven bakes the pizza. Perfect if you are looking for a quick, quality lunch during the work week.

One thing we love about Kirkwood is the amazing selection of local eats. We couldn't be more excited about another great place to grab a bite near our office.

Clayton Clark