Taco Buddha

We took a trip to Taco Buddha on 8.25.17, a day after their grand opening. It’s a small place on the northwest corner of Jackson and Pershing in University City, next to Cursed Bikes & Coffee. First impression was that the front patio was delightful, small (four tables that seat six each) but charming with lovely outdoor plants and big umbrellas. Outside there was a table to get extra utensils, napkins, lime water, and free apples (!). It’s the little things people. Because of the aforementioned charm and it was nice day, we sat outside. But, the inside was just as charming, simple but inviting. You walk up an order at the counter.


Since it was the grand opening week, the menu we were able to try was smaller than their everyday menu, only three taco options and limited sides. Naturally, we ordered one of each of the tacos available. I started with the Veggie Sauté ($4) taco, came double wrapped in corn tortillas, and had portabella mushrooms, squash, onions, peppers, cabbage slaw, cilantro, jalapeño sauce, and a piece of fried avocado. It was delicious! The veggies were bursting with flavor. I loved the texture change with the cabbage slaw and fried avocado added. Clayton’s main taco was the Green Chile Pork ($3.75) taco which consisted of pork carnitas, Hatch green chile, onion, cilantro, cheese, and lime wedge on a corn tortilla. Then, we split the Jerk Chicken ($3.75) taco with its yummy goodness of grilled jerk chicken, lettuce, cheese, mango chutney, and red-chile cream on a flour tortilla. Side note: they only use authentic New Mexico Hatch green chilies in their recipes. We also ordered chips and guacamole ($7.50). To go with the chips, we also sampled their roasted red salsa and something they were testing, an avocado/garlic puree which I thought was awesome and I ended up pouring it on my tacos, too. Next time, I’d love to try their queso which is made with those special Hatch chilies, onions, and garlic.


Last, but not least, I want to mention their Horchata (the delightful cold rice milk beverage with cinnamon, vanilla, and sugar) was a nice touch – We both ordered one and liked that their version wasn’t overwhelmingly sweet, and milk is a great way to cool down after eating something spicy.

The menu on their website now shows 11 tacos and 6 breakfast tacos. Breakfast tacos are only served until 11:00a.m. - But I will be back for those, as well. I wonder if they’d eventually consider serving the breakfast tacos all day. To round out the menu, more appetizers, several sides (including street corn, yum!), quesadillas, and desserts have been added.

Taco Buddha is a quaint addition to U City, and I appreciate that this catering business turned restaurant putting care into each and every dish.



Courtney Clark