Why Big Gives?

big gives cover photo.png

Recently we launched a unique program to offer non-profit organizations free marketing services. There are some obvious reasons why we created a charitable program within our business but if you want to know all of the thoughts and discussions that happened leading up to Big Gives, here you go.

Over our first year plus in business, we came across several small organizations that really wanted and needed help with marketing but didn't have the resources for it. When they would reach out to us about helping, we didn't really know what to do. We wanted to say yes to everyone but we knew that would cripple our business. We don't have the resources at this time to giveaway a lot of our work.

Our initial thought when we were approached by small non-profits was to offer discounted services. We found that even at discounted prices, it was a challenge for many organizations and wouldn't be sustainable for them. Since we didn't want to just say no to everyone, we decided to create a plan that would be sustainable for us and helpful to organizations.

Enter Big Gives. We wanted to think of a way to offer free work when we could to organizations. We needed to make it work for us and them. We recently had requests for website design help, Facebook advertising help and graphic design help. That made us decide to build the program around a few different services and let non-profits apply for specifically what they need. 

Now how do we decide when to giveaway a marketing service? A 10:1 ratio seemed like an easy to explain and execute idea. We opted to go with 10:1 for each service as opposed to having us giveaway something every 10 projects overall we complete. It provides some consistency for us to giveaway projects of similar value to the work that we are doing.

Now what? Who knows?! Our expectations going in to this project are that some applications will roll in and we are hoping to get some work done for the first few organizations that apply so we can create some excitement in the non-profit community. Ideally that excitement spreads to for-profit businesses and our company grows allowing this program to grow with us.

Our goal with Big Gives has many layers. We hope to help small non-profits put their resources to more vital parts of their organization while still completing necessary marketing projects. We hope to differentiate ourselves in the very competitive world of marketing. We hope that this program grows to a point where we are regularly completing projects for non-profits and that organizations know to reach out to us for marketing help. We are very open to feedback. We reached out to many of our clients and friends to help us find any flaws in this plan. If you think we could improve on Big Gives, holla! contact@bigrushmarketing.com 


Clayton Clark