Pizza Head

If you're a pizza lover living in St. Louis, now is a great time to be alive. We made our third stop to a new pizza place, this one serving up New York style pizza with attitude. Pizza Head is located on South Grand and serves pizza by the slice along with full pies. One interesting fact about this restaurant, they don't have meat. They have meatless pepperoni and sausage along with a cashew cheese pizza for vegan diets. We didn't realize this until we walked in and asked about the menu. We will dive in to the ingredients a little later.

We had so much fun bringing our friend/client Nancy from Clothes Mentor South County along a couple months ago, we invited her back. We all walked in to find a classic punk music setting with some punk music playing, a jukebox in the back and concert flyers on the tables. Since we were oblivious to their meatless menu, it took us a while to figure out our order. With a little help from the staff, we finally got some pizza.

Nancy, Jon and myself split a 20 inch pizza with half pepperoni and green peppers with the other half onions and green peppers. Let's just get right to the meatless pepperoni. It was fantastic. We all three started there and quickly wished we would have ordered pepperoni on the entire pizza. Now I really want to go back and try their meatless sausage. 

As for the New York style side of things, they nailed it. It was all of the things you love about New York pizza slices on the perfect crust. I mean seriously, the crust is perfect. The sauce is great too which is pretty important in a pizza. They are a great combo of fun atmosphere, unique ingredients and great taste. 

Each of us ate two slices and felt full. We had a couple slices leftover that are going to be great for lunch tomorrow. The great thing about the three new pizza places we've visited, they all have been very different and great in their own rights.